Some recent garb

My official time-period is 12th century Norman, but I haven’t found the clothing very flattering for my figure.  As a result, I haven’t focused very deeply on making more.

Below are some recent garb projects.


Mike’s Entari, finished.  This was made for my friend’s elevation; her husband wanted to be dressed in her time period.


Linen chiton, created for a themed event.


Woman with dog. I’m testing my Ottoman clothing plan (top layer was made by Mistress Brygyd D’Arcy and headwear was purchased). The pink scarf was at hand for the pic, but I used a plaque belt instead.


Myself and Mistress Kale moments after her elevation. (Shortly after the photo, I learned I was wearing the head scarf incorrectly; it should be over the hat, not under.)


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